Agnieszka Paczynska

Agnieszka Paczynska
S-CAR Associate Professor

Ph.D., Political Science 2002, University of Virginia
Dissertation:Historical Legacies and Policy Choice: Public Sector Reform in Poland, Egypt, Mexico and the Czech Republic 1991-1992 Fellow at the Center for Arabic Studies Abroad (CASA)
M.A., Political Science 1991, The New York University
B.A., Political Science, Cum Laude, New York University, 1989
New York University Summer 1990 Middlebury College Arabic Language Institute
Center for Arabic Studies Abroad, American University in Cairo


Agnieszka Paczynska is an Associate Professor at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Associate Faculty at the Center for Global Studies.  Dr. Paczynska  is the Co-Principal Investigator for the Undergraduate Experiential Learning Project funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education, 2011-2013. The project aims at linking theory to practice through various pedagogical initiatives.

Her research interests include the relationship between economic and political change and conflict, distributive conflicts, post-conflict reconstruction policies, and the relationship between globalization processes and local conflicts. Her book, State, Labor, and the Transition to a Market Economy: Egypt, Poland, Mexico and the Czech Republic (Penn State University Press, 2009) explores the conflicts between organized labor and the state generated by structural adjustment and in particular the privatization of the public sector. Her research on this project was funded by grants from International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), and the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) among others. She is currently working on two books.

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Awards and Honors
FIPSE-Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education
Undergraduate Experiential Learning  Project Funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education FIPSE (2011-2013)Agnieszka Paczynska (co-PI)Susan F. Hirsch (PI)Institute for Conflict Analysis and...
First Franklin Fellow
GMU's first Franklin Fellow to work in the Office of the Coordinator for Stabilization and Reconstruction.
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August 01, 2010
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August 01, 2010
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Executive SummaryDecades of political and economic exclusion, years of violence and insecurity, and a population of displaced and traumatized people are just some of the complex factors that contribute to the intricate political and social dynamics in Liberia....
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January 2010
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This paper assesses the prospects and challenges for integrating development strategies into counterinsurgency (COIN) efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan.MAIN FINDINGSMany of the challenges that confront post-conflict reconstruction processes similarly confound...
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In response to mounting debt crises and macroeconomic instability in the 1980s, many countries in the developing world adopted neoliberal policies promoting the unfettered play of market forces and deregulation of the economy and attempted large-scale structural...
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September 01, 2008
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September 01, 2008
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August 01, 2008
The Center for Global Studies at George Mason University was founded to promote multidisciplinary research on globalization. The Center comprises more than 100 associated faculty members whose collective expertise spans the full range of disciplines. The Center...
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July 15, 2008
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May 28, 2008
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March 28, 2008
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June 26, 2007
As the victorious great powers surveyed the devastation brought on by World War II and faced the crumbling of old colonial empires two issues came to dominate the international agenda: the reconstruction of countries devastated by the war and the economic and...
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May 01, 2007
This article examines how organized labor has responded to and sought to influence privatization of the public sector. In order to explain the variation in labor organizations' influence on the process of privatization design and implementation it examines the...
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September 18, 2006
Over the last two decades global integration has accelerated. The volume of foreign direct investment, trade, and capital movements has grown exponentially. At the same time, changes in communications technology and cheaper travel have led to the growing...
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March 01, 2006
This article examines the decade-long contentious encounter between the Egyptian regime and Egyptian organized labor over changes in the labor law. I examine why an authoritarian regime which was often willing to deploy violence against its opponents encountered...
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November 01, 2005
This article examines the challenges that democratic deepening has encountered in countries undertaking simultaneous economic and political reforms. It does so by examining the experience of Poland following the 1989 transition. It explores the Polish public's...
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February 01, 2004
The economic changes brought on by globalization imply a fundamental restructuring of the relationship between the state and society, a transformation that inherently generates conflicts. Everyone has been affected by these changes, but the costs and benefits of...
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October 01, 2009
On August 20th, 2009 Afghanistan held presidential and provincial council elections. There were 41 presidential and
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April 20, 2011
On April 3rd, 2011 Kazakhstan held presidential elections. Nursultan Nazarbayev, in power since 1991, called these
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October 2011
S-CAR is very pleased to welcome a new faculty member. Dr. Arthur Romano joins the School as an Assistant Professor in
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February 2012
On February 9th, the Central Asia, Africa and Latin America Working Groups co-hosted a conference, “Working in
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February 21, 2014
Originally published in “Notes of Excellence” newsletter, issue 012 – February 2014.Susan Hirsch and
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Title Event Date
March 18, 2014
Social Mobilization in Morocco: February 20 movement, Local Tansikiyats, and the Struggle for Real Change?Fatima HadjiTuesday, June 11; 10:00AM - 12:00PMTruland Building, 7th Floor Conference Room  Committee members: Dr. Terrence Lyons (Chair) Dr. Agnieszka Paczynska Dr. Bassam
June 11, 2013
With Chris Alden (The London School of Economics)Monday, February 18th, 12:00pmTruland 540Arlington CampusApplying the gradualism characteristic of its approach to policy formulation and implementation, the Chinese policy making community is playing a key role in redefining the contemporary
February 18, 2013
 The Central Asia, Africa and Latin America Working Groups are looking forward to welcoming you to the Truland Building on February 9th! 
February 09, 2012
 The Undergraduate Experiential Learning Project (UELP) at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) invites you to attend a lunch and afternoon of workshops on experiential learning located at Dewberry Hall in the Johnson Center on the Fairfax campus.
December 01, 2011
Title Event Date
Mason’s Center for Global Studies celebrated its 10th annual spring conference last week, welcoming students, faculty, academics, policy makers, and members of the public for two days of presentations of innovative research and discussion on the challenges of peacebuilding in the world today
March 28, 2013
The Dialogue & Difference Project begins the fall semester with a panel discussion and dialogue exploring the relationships and tensions between transnational corporations and governments. The discussion will also look at the economic and social effects at the community level.Panelists will
September 25, 2012
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Title Semester
Covers conflict at macro level, introducing theories of international and global violence and conflict, drawing from...
Explores how people translate underlying grievances into collective action. Examines how groups organize, frame, and...
Examines the relationship between processes of political and economic change and conflict; the relationship between...
Brief history of field, survey of key conflict resolution themes and theories, and intervention methods. Overview includes general factors of...
Understanding social conflict and potential for conflict resolution requires that both conflict and cooperation be...
Capstone course in which students reflect on what they have learned, integrating knowledge from course work and...
Continuation of steps in research process to prepare dissertation and implement published research. Builds on CONF 811 by examining qualitative...
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