S-CAR Alumni

S-CAR Alumni

Letter to Alumni from Dean Kevin Avruch

Dear S-CAR Alumni,

It gives me great pleasure to write to you as the newly elected Dean of the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, a role I engaged in October. The deanship provides me an opportunity to lead the School to address the many challenges and opportunities ahead of us as a School and as a field. Over the last 30 years S-CAR—formerly ICAR and CCAR—has established itself as the preeminent institution of higher education in our field, and it is my intent to ensure that we remain so, addressing the challenges that our field faces in the 21st century, both locally and globally.

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S-CAR Alumni, totaling over 1,000, work in many of the leading conflict resolution organizations, as well as government agencies, universities, international institutions, trade associations, and private companies. Employers include the US State Department, US Department of Defense, US Agency for International Development, United Nations, International Alert, World Bank, National Mining Association and the National Mediation Board.

For many alumni, S-CAR serves as a springboard for the development of new conflict analysis and resolution programs and curricula nationally and internationally. The Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey, for example, developed a program on conflict analysis and resolution based upon the design and leadership of S-CAR doctoral graduate Nimet Beriker (PhD '93, Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey). This practice is not uncommon at S-CAR as the school serves two critical roles as the field's leader in pioneering new theory, research and practice and as the field's training ground for the next generation of leaders.

Alumni Spotlight

The Circle Of Interning At The Student Safety And Wellness Office!

Kristen Woodward is an Alumni of S-CAR. She works for Fairfax Public Schools as a Conflict Resolution Specialist in the Student Safety and Wellness Office. She started out as an intern and has assisted in developing and expanding a successful Peer Mediation and Restorative Practice program that impacts hundreds of students, teachers, counselors and families throughout the community. “Students who participate in peer mediation training learn conflict resolution skills that help them resolve their own conflicts and help students understand and manage conflict. Understanding restorative practices encourages students and staff to build and strengthen relationships and to view conflict through a restorative rather that a punitive lens.”(quote from FCPS publication)

Danielle A. Davis, a current S-CAR student has been a Graduate Intern working with Kristen indeveloping conflict resolution curriculum for grade peer mediation students. Danielle is also conducting research to evaluate the mediation programs and to measure the effectiveness of these learned skills and make recommendations to develop and enrich partnerships to strengthen conflict resolution efforts and improvements! She is going to be working for the Student Safety and Wellness Office as a result of her successful internship with them. A side note about Danielle, she was a member of the first returning peer mediation class at West Potomac High School in 2005. Peer mediation along with her mentor inspired her to pursue a degree in S-CAR. Danielle is able to share with students and staff the same mediation skills that were taught to her years ago!

Is there any question about the importance of an Internship? If there is an area of interest or a set of skills needed to be developed that is the way to go! There are internships that are paid, some are not. It is a great way to build on your resume, network, and also contribute to the field! ( maybe even get hired!) There are hundreds of internship sites in this geographic area! If you are interested in an internship talk to Lisa Shaw who is the Director of Student Services and Field Experience at lshaw2@gmu.edu and start researching your possibilities!

Photo (left to right): S-CAR Alumni and Conflict Resolution Specialist Kristen Woodward, Former S-CAR Dean Andrea Bartoli, Conflict Resolution Specialist, Joan Packer and S-CAR Student and Intern Danielle Davis


by Jackie Finch,

August 2014

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