Can Washington Help the Palestinians Forming a Unity Government

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Rawhi Afaghani
Rawhi Afaghani
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Can Washington Help the Palestinians Forming a Unity Government
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Published Date: March 19, 2009

Rival Palestinian factions ended a marathon talks in Cairo to reach national reconciliation and forge a unity government. The intra-Palestinian dialogue was launched in Cairo on March 10 and included five committees to discuss core issues: reconciliation, unity government, reforming PLO, holding elections and to reorganize the Palestinian security services. The convened members from the 13 Palestinian factions left Cairo making headway in reaching an agreement on reforming the security services and holding presidential and parliamentary elections by January 2010. Despite the important progress, central issues including forming a national unity government and reforming the PLO remain a major obstacle to national Palestinian reconciliation. Before leaving Cairo, the delegates deferred the outstanding issues to a higher committee in effort to continue dialoguing.

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