The Motives for Mediation

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Christopher Mitchell
Christopher Mitchell
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The Motives for Mediation
Authors: Christopher R, Mitchell.
Editor: Christopher, Mitchell., Kevin, Webb.
Pages: 29-51
Published Date: November 17, 1988

A second set of background factors can be grouped under the heading “motives for mediation”.

This collection of twelve essays examines the use of mediation in intranational as well as international disputes so that parallels and similarities between various approaches could be emphasized and the whole approach viewed as a universal means of managing human conflict. Initial chapters treat mediation as a concept, beginning with an analysis by editors Mitchell and Webb entitled "Mediation in International Relations: An Evolving Tradition." Other contributors examine the Falklands/Malvinas conflict, outline lessons from the South Tyrol on third-party mediation in national minority disputes, and analyze mediation attempts by the World Council of Churches in the Sudan Civil War. South African initiatives and the use of hypergames as an aid to mediation are also discussed. A concluding essay on "Paradigms, Movements, and Shifts" as indicators of social invention concludes the volume.

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