What Travels: Teaching Gender in Cross-Cultural Negotiation Classrooms

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Sandra Cheldelin
Sandra Cheldelin
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What Travels: Teaching Gender in Cross-Cultural Negotiation Classrooms
Authors: Andrea Kupfer Schneider, Sandra Cheldelin and Deborah Kolb
Place: Hamline University School of Law
Date: September 01, 2010
Pages: 319-334
Published Date: September 01, 2010
Topics of Interest: Research, Gender
Series: Rethinking Negotiation Teaching
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9827946-0-9
Volume: 2

The cross-disciplinary team tackles the inconsistencies of gender teaching as seen from the perspectives of law, business, and peace studies negotiation courses.  In the process, they reconsider gender in the context of culture, demanding a forthright and coherent aproach to topics now too often cut up into little boxes of "content."

As part of a three-part project, this Volume 2 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series that was launced as "Round Two" in Istanbul.  In organizing the Istanbul conference speical attentionwas given to the criticism of the artificial nature of a classroom environment at the previous year (Rome) conference.  The organizers dispatched small teams of scholars into the city's famours bazaars to study how negotiation might be taught more actively, and into the city's less touristy neighborhoods with instructions requiring each team to negotiate internally.  More than a fourth of the chapters examine "adventure learning" critically.

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