Reconciliation: Clearing the Past, Building a Future

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Johan Galtung
Diane Perlman
Diane Perlman
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Reconciliation: Clearing the Past, Building a Future
Published Date:
No. of Pages: 211
ISBN: 978-82-300-0722-8
Series Number: 12

This book is directed to those who carry out reconciliations, or assist others to do so. It is a manual for practitioners, and an examination of theory in reconciliation. It will expand the repertoire of anyone involved in reconciliation, examining the elements of the process and dissecting the many dilemmas in this area. The book is rich in case examples. In the case of Galtung, these are based on his extensive experience in reconciliations at the level of states, nations and large social groups. Gender issues in reconciliation are examined, and roles of social sectors such as media, law and education. The boundaries of the meaning of reconciliation are stretched to apply the concept to reconciliation with the earth and with death. The authors end with a list of recommendations to practitioners.

Joanna Santa Barbara was born in Queensland, Australia, and practiced as a child psychiatrist in Australia and Canada. She taught Peace Studies at McMaster University, Canada and was one of the founding thinkers in the area of Peace through Health. She is now engaged in developing an eco-village based on Permaculture principles in New Zealand, continuing work with TRANSCEND and TRANSCEND Peace University.

Johan Galtung, born 1930 in Oslo, Norway, lives in Spain, France, Japan and the USA, mainly engaged in mediation and research. He has so far published 159 books and over 1600 articles and book chapters on peace and related issues. 41 of his books have been translated into 34 languages, for a total of 137 book translations. He founded TRANSCEND: A Peace, Development and Environment Network in 1993 and was founding rector of TRANSCEND Peace University 2003 2007 and again from 2011 (see and

Diane Perlman, born in Philadelphia, has a PhD in clinical psychology and is a political psychologists, trained mediator and interdisciplinary social scientist. She is a Visiting Scholar at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University. Her interests include enemy images, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, trauma, ethnopolitical conflict, and de escalation of cycles of violence. She introduced psychological principles and mediation to UN conferences on Nuclear Nonproliferation, Climate Change, and Women.

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