Career Advising

Career Advising

Have your resume or cover letter reviewed, discuss job search strategies and get general career services advice by requesting an individual career advising appointment.

Graduate Students: email Jackie Finch -

Undergraduate Students: email Jane Walker - or Nathanael Lash -

S-CAR Career Intensives

We want to help S-CAR students get the job they're looking for. So we are offering an intensive career training process that is specifically tailored to S-CAR students’ fields of interest. This career intensive process will help S-CAR students articulate how the conflict resolution field is applicable to various fields and careers, e.g. development, security, policy, etc. and prepare them for the resume, application, and interview process.

S-CAR students must register in advance for each all-day career intensives by emailing Intensives will be pre-scheduled, space intermittently throughout the school year. Each intensive will feature only one career track. Registration will be limited to around 15 students per intensive. This will allow for a more intimate interaction with our featured career professionals.

BEFORE the all-day career intensive, S-CAR students will receive a sample resume template that reflects the resume most frequently used by professionals and applicants in that career track. S-CAR students then draft or revise their own resume to mirror this template. S-CAR students will then work with S-CAR staff to ensure that the resumes are appropriately edited before the all-day career intensive begins.

During the all-day career intensive:

• Morning session, S-CAR students work with S-CAR staff in mock interviews, exercises and scenarios that will offer students an opportunity to articulate how their conflict resolution training is relevant to the field/career. Discussion of job search strategies will also occur.
• Afternoon session, 2-3 professionals from the specific field/career will share about their work, the opportunities for S-CAR students to engage in the field, how S-CAR students should market themselves to professionals in the field, etc. At the end of the afternoon session, S-CAR students will have an opportunity to engage in a Q&A with the professionals.

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