Careers in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Careers in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Graduates of this program can use their degree as a springboard for further graduate study or professional development in many fields such as law, medicine, psychology, social work, ministry, and public administration. Graduates will gain skills and knowledge that will be valuable in many contexts when conflict resolution is appropriate.

Graduates can work at the interpersonal level of conflict, as:

  • Teachers
  • Health care workers
  • Police officers
  • Community activists
  • Community educators
  • Mediators

Jobs that would utilize skills at the community/organizational level of conflict resolution include employment with the following:

  • Businesses
  • Community advocacy
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Federal and state agencies
  • Labor unions
  • Other organizations involved in public policy

At the global level, graduates would find their skills and knowledge in demand at any of the following organizations and agencies:

  • The World Bank
  • The International Development Bank
  • The Red Cross
  • The United Nations and affiliated organizations
  • NGOs that work in the areas of development, capacity building, and post-war reconstruction
  • Development and humanitarian organizations
  • International businesses, law firms and financial institutions
Career Advising

Have your resume or cover letter reviewed, discuss job search strategies and get general career services advice by requesting an individual career advising appointment.

Graduate Students: email Jackie Finch -

Undergraduate Students: email Jane Walker - or Nathanael Lash -


Connect with the S-CAR Community

S-CAR Community Network and Forum (Open to S-CAR students, faculty and staff only)

LinkedIn Group


Join other Conflict Resolution Communties

Peace and Collaborative Development Network

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Purchase Business Cards through S-CAR

George Mason University offers business card printing services through Worth Higgins, inc. Please plan in advanced as rush orders cannot be accepted. To request  your custom business cards fill out this Business Card Request Form. After you have completed the form you will receive an email with a sample card. Once you approve the sample the order will be placed and they will arrive in 2-3 weeks. Payment is made upon pick up at the front desk on the Arlington Campus. 

Options and Prices (including shipping and taxes):
One-sided, one color, 500 qty: $30.50
One-sided, two color, 500 qty: $41.50
Two-sided, one color, 500 qty: $34.60
Two-sided, two color, 500 qty: $58.00
Options and Prices (including shipping and taxes): 
One-sided, one color, 500 qty: $30.50
One-sided, two color, 500 qty: $41.50
Two-sided, one color, 500 qty: $34.60
Two-sided, two color, 500 qty: $58.00
Annual Career and Internship Fairs and Programs

S-CAR/SPGIA Annual Graduate Career and Internship Fair 
Sponsored by the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution & the School of Policy, Government and International Affairs on the Arlington Campus, in Founders Hall.  Contact Jackie Finch, Career Services for more information.

S-CAR Annual Internship Fair
Sponsored only by the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, this internship fair is held within the department in the Metropolitan Building on the Arlington Campus. Internship opportunities are usually for undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent alumni. Contact Lisa Shaw, Director of Student Services and Field Experience for more information.


Career/Organization Presentations
Employers are invited to participate in S-CAR’s monthly career and organization presentations.  These events allow S-CAR students and alumni to find out about  organizations and opportunities in the Field,as well as providing a chance to network. 

On-Campus Interviews
Employers at times schedule on campus interviews/screening for potential employees at S-CAR.  Contact S-CAR Career Services for more information.


George Mason University Career Services
Located on the Fairfax Campus,  include job fairs, skill development workshops (such as interviewing best practices), job boards, and resources for international students.

S-CAR Career Intensives
See the next section.

S-CAR Career Intensives

We want to help S-CAR students get the job they're looking for. So we are offering an intensive career training process that is specifically tailored to S-CAR students’ fields of interest. This career intensive process will help S-CAR students articulate how the conflict resolution field is applicable to various fields and careers, e.g. development, security, policy, etc. and prepare them for the resume, application, and interview process.

S-CAR students must register in advance for each all-day career intensives by emailing Intensives will be pre-scheduled, space intermittently throughout the school year. Each intensive will feature only one career track. Registration will be limited to around 15 students per intensive. This will allow for a more intimate interaction with our featured career professionals.

BEFORE the all-day career intensive, S-CAR students will prepare a  resume that they will use during the intensive event.

During the all-day career intensive:

• Morning session, S-CAR students work with S-CAR staff in mock interviews, exercises and scenarios that will offer students an opportunity to articulate how their conflict resolution training is relevant to the field/career. Discussion of job search strategies will also occur.
• Afternoon session, 2-3 professionals from the specific field/career will share about their work, the opportunities for S-CAR students to engage in the field, how S-CAR students should market themselves to professionals in the field, etc. At the end of the afternoon session, S-CAR students will have an opportunity to engage in a Q&A with the professionals.

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