Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs

                                                                                                                                                                         Certificate Program Director Mara Schoeny, Ph.D., with students at a Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Certificate Program Director Dr. Mara Schoeny and students at the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Each of these 15-credit programs (see list below) is specifically tailored to provide students with practical knowledge of Conflict Analysis and Resolution relevant to their focused areas of work.  Designed for mid-career professionals studying in a cohort environment, the Graduate Certificate degrees integrate conflict analysis and resolution theory, research, and practical technique focused on areas of the respective certificate programs.  These programs utilize intensive course sessions, lecture, seminar, and applied mentored learning in real and simulated situations to prepare students to utilize Conflict Analysis and Resolution approaches in their work in a variety of fields.

The Certificate Program is open to students seeking a certificate degree alone, as well as to students enrolled in Masters' or Ph.D. programs at George Mason University who would like to add a certificate as a secondary degree.  Please email for questions about this option.

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Dr. Marc Gopin, World Religions, Diplomacy & Conflict Resolution

Fall Application Deadlines

May 1Graduate Certificate priority deadline
July 30Graduate Certificate final deadline

Spring Application Deadlines

November 15: Graduate Certificate priority deadline                            January 5: Graduate Certificate final deadline    

Applicants with international credits must submit transcipts at least one month prior to application deadline.

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Meet the Graduate Certificate Faculty


David J. Smith

William Hall 


 Juliana Birkhoff
Cynthia Mazur

Robert Fisher

 Bill Potapchuk

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Faculty & Graduating Class of 2009                          Dr. Mara Schoeny & Graduating Class of 2008

Meet Graduate Certificate Students
Ashagrie Abdi
Charles Crawford
Taryn Wilkinson

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