Center for Peacemaking Practice

Center for Peacemaking Practice


Practice is...


This wordle was generated from discussion at the Center for Peacemaking Practice lunch on September 4th, 2012



The Center for Peacemaking Practice is a relational home and supportive community of practitioners, guided by: 

1) Reflective Practice, engaging self-evaluation, inviting insights, collectively envisioning emerging realities and facilitating reflective learning at the institutional level as well as the personal one.

2) Intellectual Practice, fueled by curiosity, willingness to learn, commitment to questions, open to verification, supportive of competence, and courage to welcome change.

3) Collaborative Practice,  creating a community of practitioners sharing mutual attentiveness to subtle shifts, inviting each other to learning and developing possibilities through fruitful engagement in a changing world, and

4) Integrative Practice , acknowledging and engaging holistic peacemaking practices enacted in varied contexts worldwide, while seeking the integration dimension of any generative peacemaking.


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