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Tamara Sivertseva
Family, Woman, and  Popular Myth-Making

Traditional families in Central Asia can be both stabilizing and destabilizing factor in social and political life of the region.

On the one hand, families and family-based social structures provide security in an insecure world. On the other hand, the family does not exist in isolation. The persistent lack of social and economic security in the larger society can impact the family's inner structures and transform them into the source of instability and social unrest.

    Alan DeYoung
School Reform in Central Asia

In the current transition period, public schools in Kyrgyzstan believe that "democracy" has seriously eroded the moral climate of society, or at least the society that remianing school personnel used to know and understand. Using testimony from school directors and their staffs from three rural Kyrgyz schools, this paper will lay out what each school believes is the moral task at hand for educators in the Kyrgyz Republic. None of the schools is active in conflict identification and management, although each hosts a small foreign curricular program related to international relations. Meanwhile, all are eager to help create the new moral order in the country under the aegis of their continuing emphasis on social upbringing.

Dmitry Shlapentokh
Dugin's Eurasianism: the plan for the Russian elite's geopolitical posture

Eurasianism as an ideology became quite popular among the Russian elite. One could state that Putin himself shares some of the essential paradigms of Eurasianism. Alexander Dugin is one of the best known and most influential Russian Eurasianists. He believes that several Eurasian empires, which include Russia with most of the USSR, Iran, Turkey and the European Union, should be united in a loose alliance armed with nuclear weapons. The alliance/alliances should also control the flow of oil from the Middle East and Central Asia . Dugin's views are important because they reflect not just his personal view but that of considerable segments of the Russian elite and possibly the elite of other countries that are uneasy with America 's geopolitical pasture.



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