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Dr. Tamara Sivertseva received her Kandidatskaya degree from Moscow State University in 1977 and defended her doctoral thesis at the Institute of Oriental Studies in 1997. She conducted original field work in social anthropology in Central Asia and the Caucasus from 1980-1999. She had several fellowships including a fellowship at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Dr Sivertseva taught courses at Moscow State University, and for UNESCO International Peace Program in Spain. Her major publications include two individual monographs: "The Family in the Developing Countries of the Orient" and "A socio-demographic analysis and Inter-family behavior of Oriental Women". She is also the editor and a contributing author of the two other books, which were published as a result of her project "Portrait of Oriental Village." Dr. Sivertseva has her articles published in numerous Russian, English and American journals.


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