Civil War and Women's Rights

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Thomas Flores
Thomas Flores
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Civil War and Women's Rights
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March 28, 2013 12:00PM through 1:30PM

Event Location: Arlington Truland Building 7th Floor West Wing
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Civil War and Women's Rights
with Dr. Caroline Hartzell

Dr. Caroline Hartzell teaches political science and was founding director of the College's Globalization Studies Program. She conducted research in Colombia as a Fulbright scholar, examining the effects the country's civil war had on subsequent economic development.


Thursday, March 28th
Truland Building 7th Floor West Wing

Lunch provided!


About the Lecture:

Although a growing body of scholarship has sought to examine the relationship between women's status and countries' propensity to engage in armed conflict, there has been virtually no research of a cross-national nature focusing on the effect civil war has on women's rights. I make an effort to shed some light on this issue by seeking answers to two questions in this paper. Focusing on the period 1981-2006, I first ask whether civil war has an impact on women's status (more specifically, women's political, economic, and social rights). Second, I attempt to determine what effects different types of factors related to intrastate conflicts have on women's rights.

Recent Work:

Hartzell was a Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace in 2010-2011. Her research focused on the effect terms of civil war settlements have on post-conflict economic growth. In Columbia, Hartzell evaluated a USAID-funded project seeking to establish the presence of the Colombian government in post-conflict zones. In Afghanistan, she worked to help Afghan stakeholders explore options for an Afghan peace process.


"Scourge or Source of Transformation? Civil War and Women's Rights"



About the S-CAR Research Seminar:

This event is the third of The S-CAR Research Seminar, which is being organized by Dr. Thomas Flores. The format of the event is as follows. A researcher (usually from outside George Mason University) will be invited to present ongoing or "mid-stream" research. The paper upon which the presentation is based will be distributed via a website (we will post the URL shortly). Attendees are strongly encouraged to read the work ahead of time. The presenter will spend 15 minutes talking about his or her work, then a discussant from George Mason will critique the work. Then the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion. 

-Please RSVP to Barre Hussen. Email: or (703) 993-1930

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