Brazil Service Learning Field Experience

Brazil Service Learning Field Experience


Would you like to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills dealing with land conflicts in South America?

The Brazil Service Learning Intensive is being coordinated through the Solidarity Economics Program of the EAUFBA (Federal University of Bahia). The SCAR student team will work together in the field with English speaking and other members of the Solidarity Economics program to address long-standing conflicts related to land ownership between wealth landowners and the quilomba communities in the Vally of Iguape, Bahia that is creating unrest and impeding the development of the communities involved. The team will be working with persons from the Center for Education and Culture of the Vale of Iguape and the Council of Quilombo. The quilombos are persons with direct African heritage and related to escaped African slaves, dating to the 1600s.

Trip Description

The purpose of this service learning intensive is to allow students the opportunity to work, interact, and gain field based skills and conduct action research in a culture other than their own. The student team will train with the Solidarity Economics team in facilitation, mediation and problem solving skills. Portuguese language, or other Latin-based languages, will be extremely useful for this intensive work, however, the SCAR team will be accompanied by English-speaking graduate students from EAUFBA, working collaboratively in the field.

Students will also have the opportunity to engage in Bahia’s culture, learn about the history of Bahia-Brazil, witness Afro-Brazilian aspects of life in Bahia, and visit several historic locales, monuments, and churches—the cultural aspect of this intensive service is important for the over-all learning objectives.

Course Instructors

Dr. Patricia Maulden (S-CAR Faculty) and KC Soares (S-CAR Advisory Board) will be leading this course.

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