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Author: Marc Gopin
Published Date:July 16, 2014
Publication: Marc Gopin
Abstract:There are important next steps being debated for what states can and should do to stop the current war, and set the stage for ending the current cycle of...
Published Date:July 15, 2014
Publication: Los Angeles Times
Abstract:A popular colloquial definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Israel launched military campaigns in...
Author: Jason Miller
Published Date:July 15, 2014
Publication: Acting Franciscan
Abstract: On Sunday after running to catch the bus in order to make it to Church on time, I hid in the back row, still trying to catch my breath. But when the homily...
Published Date:July 14, 2014
Abstract:It’s one thing to study conflict; it’s another to be able to put those studies into practice. Last spring, a team of students and professors from...
Published Date:July 11, 2014
Publication: Insight on Conflict
Abstract:How are organisations using communication technology (ICTs) for conflict early warning and prevention? The article looks at three models being used on the...
Published Date:July 11, 2014
Publication: The Huffington Post
Abstract:All eight members of the Kaware family were killed by Israeli forces on Wednesday when an Israeli missile struck their home in the Gaza strip, wounding 25...
Published Date:July 09, 2014
Abstract:When your Middle East peacemaker friends start to doubt whether peace is possible, it's disconcerting. This week, even those I know most committed to the a...
Published Date:July 08, 2014
Publication: TransConflict
Abstract:In my previous piece at TransConflict I talked about how the Turkish Government’s on-going negotiations with the PKK have reached a deadend. I cited two...
Author: Ellen Haring
Published Date:July 06, 2014
Publication: Marine Corps Times
Abstract:When the secretary of defense rescinded the 1994 “direct ground combat” exclusion policy, he gave the services and Special Operations Command three...
Published Date:July 02, 2014
Abstract:Last month’s news that Americans will need to pay more for water comes at an interesting time, just as summer season commences and community pools...
Author: Marc Gopin
Published Date:July 02, 2014
Publication: The Huffington Post
Abstract:First the bad news: a fracture in the Middle East is looming. There is a fracturing of states along sectarian lines that has been funded and instigated by a...
Published Date:July 01, 2014
Publication: Politix
Abstract:At next month's Africa Leaders' Summit in Washington D.C., it'll be important for President Barack Obama to refrain from prioritizing counter-...
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