Patricia Maulden

Patricia Maulden
Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution

Ph.D., Conflict Analysis and Resolution 2007, George Mason University
M.S., Conflict Analysis and Resolution 2002, George Mason University
B.A., Anthropology 1999, University of California, Santa Cruz


Patricia A. Maulden is Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution and Director of the Dialogue and Difference Project with The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and her Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University. Her research interests include generational and gendered dynamics of conflict and peace, social militarization / demilitarization processes, urbanization, post-conflict peace economies, and peacebuilding practices. She has written about child soldiers generally as well as, more specifically, the roles of girls and women in conflict – whether as soldiers, combatants, or associates of fighting forces. She is currently investigating the dynamics of NGOs as private peacebuilding contractors and their roles in the post-conflict peace economy, the post-conflict paradox – engaging war while creating peace, and exploring peacebuilding over time, more specifically the trajectories of post-conflict knowledge.

As part of an ongoing research project she exploring community based peace education in Sierra Leone and Burundi, and, building on a recent field assessment in Liberia, organized a palaver management project bringing students to Liberia to work with local youth-focused organizations. Domestically, Dr. Maulden researches and teaches about youth gangs as well as gang-related community peacemaking programs. As a practitioner, she conducts seminars on interpersonal conflict resolution, facilitates intergenerational and inter

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Awards and Honors
University Life Fellowship
Global Roots & Campus Dynamics: Exploring International and University Linkages
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Title Published Date
January 22, 2013
Category: Book Chapter
December 12, 2011
Category: Book Chapter
The gendered domains of war present fundamental challenges to female social navigation skills. The ways in which girls align themselves with fighting factions can literally mean life or death. The conflicts in Sierra Leone and Liberia demonstrate the nuanced...
Category: Book Chapter
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Title Published Date
November 20, 2014
Faculty members of George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution were joined by graduates
Category: Newspaper Article

May 27, 2014
The recent kidnapping of almost 300 girls from their boarding school in the area of Chibok, Borno State, in
Category: Newspaper Article

February 19, 2014
About a dozen undergraduates in George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR)
Category: Newsletter Article

February 19, 2014
About a dozen undergraduates in George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR)
Category: Newspaper Article

Winter 2011
Mason conflict analyst Patricia Maulden can remember the day she first became drawn to the subjectof child soldiers. It
Category: Magazine Article

October 05, 2010
This past summer, thirteen students – seven undergraduates and six graduates – along with faculty advisors
Category: Newsletter Article

November 10, 2008
What motivated 58 students from 17 majors to gather last Thursday afternoon to talk about an election already debated
Category: Newspaper Article

November 26, 2007
This past Wednesday, the University Scholars Global Awareness Committee sponsored, “Not For Sale: Panelist
Category: Newspaper Article

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This month's Dialogue and Difference event will be engaging issues of conflict and peace through the arts and performance. Mason artists and musicians will present works related to various aspects of conflict, peace, and hope. The subsequent discussion will explore avenues of understanding and
March 18, 2014
March 3, 2014, 7:30-9:30 PMMason Hall, Meese RoomLight Refreshments Served Co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict, Global Interdisciplinary Programs, Women and Gender Studies, and University Life.
March 03, 2014
The Dialogue and Difference Project aims to promote cultural, political, and social understanding through the process of community dialogue participation.The project has been consistently working throughout the George Mason University community to bring faculty, students, and residents together to
February 13, 2014
Join the S-CAR Undergraduate Program for the CONF 490 Research Showcase.  Students will be presenting individual research projects for the undergraduate capstone course.Student Union I, Patriot's Lounge (Atrium), Fairfax Campus10:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.Click Below For Showcase Program:/sites/
December 03, 2013
Securitizing the Threat of Climate Change: The Meaning of “Climate Change” to Different Audiences within the U.S. National Security EnterpriseFriday, August 23rd1:00PM- 3:00PMConference Room 5145    (Note- Room Change!)Metropolitan Building Abstract: National
August 23, 2013
A Panel Discussion & Dialogue Hosted by the Dialogue and Difference ProjectCo-Sponsored by the School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution & The Honors CollegeRefreshments & Appetizers Served Tuesday, April 23rd7 – 9 PMResearch I, Room 163
April 23, 2013
Join S-CAR and a panel of speakers to discuss various issues impacting Palestinian Statehood including questions related to the UN, the process, as well as Palestinian legitimacy.  This dialogue does not hope to achieve consensus but assist participants in gaining a more diverse understanding
October 20, 2011
Title Event Datesort icon
The Dialogue & Difference Project begins the fall semester with a panel discussion and dialogue exploring the relationships and tensions between transnational corporations and governments. The discussion will also look at the economic and social effects at the community level.Panelists will
September 25, 2012
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Topics vary; they are announced each academic year.
Taken in last semester of master’s student course work. Assists in developing students’ own theories of conflict and conflict...
Introduces field of conflict analysis and resolution. Examines the origins of social conflict, the practices and...
Introduces field of conflict analysis and resolution. Examines definitions of conflict and diverse views of its...
Capstone course in which students reflect on what they have learned, integrating knowledge from course work and...
Examines selected topics relating to analysis or resolution of conflict. Topics vary but may include historical...
Learning experience in the application of conflict analysis and resolution (CAR) skills in special program settings. Provides supervised practice...
Building upon CONF340 theories and concepts, this course focuses primarily on global conflict resolution practice....
Covers conflict at macro level, introducing theories of international and global violence and conflict, drawing from...
Covers deeply rooted, intractable, or protracted social conflicts around core issues of identity, including race,...
Introduces social science research methods at undergraduate level. Covers basic epistemology of social research,...
This course focuses on advanced consideration of CONF 101 topics, provides an introduction of the core notion of reflective practice, conflict...
Through this course students will utilize critical thinking and analytical skills to begin an in-depth examination of the major theories of...
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