Jay Moon

Jay Moon
Director of Operations


Jay Moon serves as Director of Operations for the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, where he is also a PhD student.  His topical research interests include the integration of theory, practice, and research in conflict assessment and conflict prevention planning; the role of identity and culture in conflict; and the use of local resilience mechanisms and institutions in conflict resolution.

Jay's regional research interests include Georgian-South Ossetian-Russian relations as well as Kyrgyz-Uzbek relations in southern Kyrgyzstan.  A member of S-CAR's Georgia-South Ossetia Working Group, he has participated in an unofficial Georgia-South Ossetia confidence-building workshop series led by S-CAR Assistant Professor Susan Allen Nan.  In November 2009, he traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia, to encourage the Georgian government to support Track II "people-to-people" peace-building efforts between influential Georgian and South Ossetian community leaders.  While in Georgia, Jay interviewed leading regional peacebuilders as part of a research project for George Mason's

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S-CAR is moving from the Truland Bulding into the Foundation Building, 3434 Washington Blvd; Arlington, VA.  We will be located on the 5th floor.  Here is a map of the Arlington campus buildingsAdministrative offices will be closed June 17th 18th, and19th, and open again on June 20th.Come
June 17, 2013
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