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Michael Loadenthal
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Michael Loadenthal holds a BA in "International Studies: International Peace & Conflict Resolution," and a BA in "Women and Gender Studies" (American University). His graduate degree in "Terrorism Studies" is from the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (University of St. Andrews, Scotland). Michael’s research concentrations include: violent non-State actors, political violence, contemporary anti-authoritarian movements, critical theory, "eco-terrorism" and Queer theory. He has been active in a number of anti-authoritarian projects in the US and abroad including in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Mexico, Jamaica and Scotland. He has authored several works under a variety of pseudonyms, has taught "Terrorism and Political Violence" at Georgetown University, and is currently on the editorial board of the Journal of Terrorism Studies as well as Arissa Media Group's "Environmental Justice & Earth Liberation" book series. Michael is a S-CAR Dean's Fellow.

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March 2012
“To protect my position, my corner, my lair,
 while we out here, say the hustler’s prayer.
 If the game
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Dissertation Defense: Michael LoadenthalThe politics of the attack: a discourse of insurrectionary communiquésWednesday, April 1st2:00pm - 4:00pmConference Room 5183Committee Members:Professor Rich RubensteinProfessor Leslie DwyerProfessor John DaleFollowing the new millennium, and the massive
April 01, 2015
Dissertation Proposal Defense: Michael LoadenthalFriday, January 24th10:00am - 11:30am Metropolitan Building Conference Room 5000  Since the decline of the “anti-globalization” movement, the nature of militant anti-capitalist and anti-statist protest shifted away
January 24, 2014
The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution's Environmental Conflict Working Group is featuring a night of film, food, and discussion surrounding issues of radical environmentalism, terrorism, and the politics of political violence.  Please join us for heaps of vgan snacks, one amazing
April 04, 2012
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Terrorism is a significant factor in conflict worldwide, yet the underlying causes and conditions that give rise to terrorist activity are often...
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