Mohammed Abu-Nimer

Mohammed Abu-Nimer
Professor, American University, School of International Service
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Ph.D., George Mason University
M.A., Hebrew University
B.A., Hebrew University


Professor at the American University's School of International Service in International Peace and Conflict Resolution in Washington, DC, and Director of the Peacebuilding and Development Institute, which offers unique summer peacebuilding courses for professionals in the field. Mohammed Abu-Nimer is an expert on conflict resolution and dialogue for peace. He has conducted research on conflict resolution and dialogue for peace among Palestinians and Jews in Israel; Israeli-Palestinian conflict; application of conflict resolution models in Muslim communities; interreligious conflict resolution training; interfaith dialogue; and evaluation of conflict resolution programs. As a practitioner, he has been intervening and conducting conflict resolution training workshops in many conflict areas around the world, including: Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Northern Ireland, Philippines (Mindanao), Sri Lanka, U.S., and other areas. He has published articles on these subjects in the Journal of Peace Research; Journal of Peace and Changes, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, and in various edited books. Abu-Nimer is the co-founder and co-editor of the new Journal of Peacebuilding and Development. In addition to his many accomplishments, he speaks Arabic, Hebrew and English.

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Awards and Honors
Peace Scholar
Peace Scholar dissertation fellowships are awarded annually to outstanding doctoral students enrolled in recognized programs at U.S. universities. The fellowships support one year of dissertation...
Over the course of five decades, ARCE’s fellowship program has benefited more than six hundred scholars, whose research interests span the diversity of Egypt’s periods and cultures....
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Title Published Date
January 22, 2013
Category: Book Chapter
April, 2009
This timely work addresses sensitive issues and relations between Muslims and Christians around the world. The book uniquely captures the opportunity for Christians and Muslims to come together and discuss pertinent issues such as pluralism, governance, preaching...
Category: Book
October, 2008
Religion and conflict resolution in general, and Islam in particular, have become a main area of research since the September 11 attacks. This article argues that, to develop effective conflict resolution models and practices for sustainable peace in the Muslim...
Category: Journal Article
July 15 2008
Category: Book Chapter
August, 2001
Nowhere are the stakes of sectarian conflict as high as in the Middle East, and nowhere is the practice of interfaith dialogue (IFD) more fraught with difficulty. The questions, then, naturally arise: What sort of person tries something as audacious as interfaith...
Category: Book
July, 2007
Islam recognizes a plurality of faiths and asks Muslims to respect others, and Muslims are responding to this call enthusiastically. Like their predecessors, many contemporary Muslims are eager to promote interfaith dialogue. But in order to do so effectively,...
Category: Book
March, 2007
The volume brings together an outstanding group of international scholars from the field of peace/co-existence education and education for social cohesion to build understanding of the impact of sustained educational efforts towards peace, co-existence and...
Category: Book Chapter
June 30, 2006
Contemporary Islam provides a counterweight to the prevailing opinions of Islamic thought as conservative and static with a preference for violence over dialogue. It gathers together a collection of eminent scholars from around the world who tackle issues such as...
Category: Book
Category: Journal Article
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When the Tiger was a Woman: Unraveling the Myth and Comprehending the Complexities of the Female Combatant in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
April 30, 2012
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