Vandy Kanyako

Vandy Kanyako
Assistant Professor, Conflict Resolution Program, Portland State University

Ph.D. Conflict Analysis and Resolution , George Mason University
M.A. Peace Studies, Joan B. Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame
M.A. International Relations, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
B.A. (Hons), Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone


Dr. Kanyako’s research interests includes conflict prevention, post-conflict peacebuilding, human rights and transitional justice, civil society, corporate social responsibility and the political economy of oil. His work has appeared in Africa Today, Journal of Peace Support Operations, and the African Center for Constructive Resolution of Disputes. He has taught various courses at George Mason University in Virginia and American University in Washington DC.

In addition to his academic work Dr. Kanyako is also a practitioner who has championed various civil society initiatives around the world. He has extensive work experience with international organizations in Africa, Europe and the United States. He is the founder and Director of West Africa Oil Watch, a civil society-led initiative designed to foster transparency and accountability in the emerging petro-region of West Africa. Between 2004 and 2005 he served as the Coordinator of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) in New York which brought together 1000 participants representing governments, the United Nations and civil society at the United Nations Headquarters in July 2005 to explore the role of civil society in the prevention of armed conflict. In 2001 he was awarded the Hague Appeal for Peace Prize in Athens, Greece, for his conflict mitigation work in the rehabilitation of child combatants during Sierra Leone’s civil war. He has also served on the civil society committee of the President of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

He holds a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University, Virginia, USA

MA in Peace St

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This course focuses on advanced consideration of CONF 101 topics, provides an introduction of the core notion of reflective practice, conflict...
Covers conflict at macro level, introducing theories of international and global violence and conflict, drawing from...
Brief history of field, survey of key conflict resolution themes and theories, and intervention methods. Overview includes general factors of...
Considers conflict analysis and resolution approaches to designing, implementing, and evaluating holistic cross-...
Building upon CONF340 theories and concepts, this course focuses primarily on global conflict resolution practice....
Examines selected topics relating to analysis or resolution of conflict. Topics vary but may include historical...
Through this course students will utilize critical thinking and analytical skills to begin an in-depth examination of the major theories of...
Capstone course in which students reflect on what they have learned, integrating knowledge from course work and...
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Winter 2011
Big funding flows immediately following the end of the Sierra Leone civil war in 2002 led to a rise in the number and profile of local civil-society organizations (CSOs), but donors' largesse to the indigenous entities in the nongovernmental sector was short-...
Category: Journal Article
May 03, 2010
Today civil society organizations are actively engaged in every conceivable sector and phase of the conflict management and development realm. Through advocacy, activism, research, and lobbying, and with the support of international donor agencies, non-...
Category: Doctoral Dissertation
August 31, 2007
Category: Papers & Reports
April 01, 2007
SINCE THE END of the Cold War, West Africa’s political systems have undergone both rapid and momentous changes. A region that once accounted for more than 70 percent of all military coups in Africa is now on a seemingly unstoppable march towards...
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March 01, 2007
The Africa Working Group (AWG) at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR) is an association of
Category: Newspaper Article

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The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and the African and African American Studies Department present:"Sustainable Development, Sustainable Peace…and a Secure Future for All"An International Day of Peace Celebration 3:00---Welcome Address (Dr. Wendi Manuel-Scott or
September 21, 2012
Please join the Working Group on Transitional and Transnational Justice for a screening of War Don Don, a new documentary, which focuses on efforts to bring justice after civil war in Sierra Leone.All are welcome to attendA short discussion will follow the screening
April 05, 2011
Today civil society organizations are actively engaged in every conceivable sector and phase of the conflict management and development realm. Through advocacy, activism, research, and lobbying, and with the support of international donor agencies, non-governmental civic groups have contributed
May 03, 2010
Title Event Date
The Dialogue & Difference Project begins the fall semester with a panel discussion and dialogue exploring the relationships and tensions between transnational corporations and governments. The discussion will also look at the economic and social effects at the community level.Panelists will
September 25, 2012
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