Scholarships and Funding

Scholarships and Funding

Each year S-CAR hires a number of students in part time administrative roles. As these opportunities open they are circulated to the entire graduate student community with information on how to apply. These appointments are not set aside ahead of time but are done through matching of needs of the position and student experience and skills.

Students are eligible for a variety of on-campus positions. In the past students have worked at:

Off-campus employment- Washington, DC still enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Relevant off-campus employments has regularly been found at organizations such as the United States Institute of Peace, Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, various International Development agencies and many others. Several websites are particularly good sources for finding positions including:

If you are looking for other scholarship opportunities you may want to check GMU's scholarships and GMU Alumni Association Scholarships

If you are looking for other grant opportunities you may want to check GMU's grants


Financial Aid- The Office of Financial Aid at George Mason processes both grant and loan assistance requests. They also maintain a database of scholarship opportunities.

In addition, the office of Post-Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships maintains a list of additional opportunities and offers assistance with applications


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The Native Leadership Scholarship (NLS) program creates educational opportunities for women around the world who are grassroots leaders, organizers and activists demonstrating financial need.   NLS invests in women's leadership and leadership development by supporting non-doctoral graduate education in human rights, sustainable development, and public health.

The NLS awards four to six scholarships per year, up to US$25,000 per academic year for a maximum of two years. The awards help the recipients meet the costs of tuition, fees, books, educational supplies, housing, maintenance, and travel to and from the home country and the educational institution. NLS awards are paid directly to the institution in a student's account. For women intending to study at U.S. universities, NLS funding for expenses other than tuition and books is subject to a 14% U.S. tax.



USIP Jennings Randolph Fellowship Program  

Senior Fellowship Overview

The United States Institute of Peace invites applications for Senior Fellowships in its Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace. These fellowships support practitioners and scholars working on research projects concerning the sources and nature of international conflict and ways of preventing, managing, or resolving conflict.

Senior Fellowships generally last for ten months, starting in October. Shorter-term fellowships are also available. Fellowships are open to citizens of any country.

Proposals in all fields are welcome. Fellowships are open to citizens of any country.

Senior Fellows play an important role in helping to advance understanding on issues related to the prevention, management, and resolution of international conflicts.




SREB Doctoral Scholars Program

More than one-third of the nation’s workers are people of color. So are more than one-fourth of America’s college students. But the percentage of racial/ethnic minorities who are faculty in higher education is a small fraction of the total. Nationally, about 5 percent are African-American and about 2 percent are Hispanic.

The Southern Regional Education Board’s Doctoral Scholars Program was developed with support from The Pew Charitable Trusts and The Ford Foundation. It is part of a nationwide initiative, the Compact for Faculty Diversity, to produce more minority Ph.D.s and to encourage them to seek faculty positions.

Now in its tenth year of operation, the SREB Doctoral Scholars Program supports more than 200 scholars, who attend 78 institutions in 23 states. SREB states share resources, work to expand their minority applicant pool, support qualified candidates with financial assistance for up to five years of graduate study, and assist graduates and higher education institutions in identifying employment opportunities. The program has maintained a retention rate of more than 90 percent, and more than 70 percent of its graduates have begun academic careers.

Breaking The Tuition Barrier

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Student Loan Foundation

For more than a quarter-century, Sallie Mae has been helping students achieve their dreams of higher education by providing funds for educational loans, primarily federally guaranteed student loans originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). The company currently owns or manages student loans for more than seven million borrowers and is the nation's leading provider of education loans.

A college education is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make. We can help you figure out what college really costs, and what you can afford. Our expert advice, information, and interactive tools will help you navigate the financial aid maze and figure out how to pay the bill.


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