Sudan Task Group

Sudan Task Group

Who we are

The STG is comprised of conflict resolution experts from the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, USA, and from the International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program in the School of International Service at American University, USA. 

What is our mission

STG seeks to create the conditions for violence reduction as well as civilian protection and well-being in Darfur. Relying on time-tested methods of conflict resolution, we offer a track that engages major parties to the Darfur conflict in constructive dialogue, seeking to foster mutual understanding and creative problem solving. Working in complementary fashion to the track 1 initiatives, we engage figures from various constituency groups—center and periphery, powerful and weak, wealthy and poor. Through such engagement, it is hoped that the tragedy of Darfur can be addressed and rectified. 



  •  to engage in activities that will build and rebuild relationships among the conflict parties
  • to identify common interests and needs,
  • to create mutually acceptable visions and directions
  •  to feed outcomes from these deliberations into the official decision making processes
  • to implement the results in various sectors of society: law and order, governance, education, health, and economic development.

What we do:   Recent Events 

Siena I--Problem Solving Workshop: July 2009

Siena II—Problem solving workshop: February 2011


The University of Siena, Department of Comparative History 
Point of View Program Committee, George Mason University

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