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Master's Degrees

Conflict Analysis and Resolution, MS

This 33-credit, two-year professional program prepares students for practice and further academic work by integrating conflict analysis and resolution theory, research, and practical techniques. Participants study the theory, methods, and ethical perspectives of the field, and apply this knowledge in laboratory simulations and workshops, internships, and field practice. Graduates work in a variety of settings where conflict resolution is useful and interest groups are in conflict with current and emergent public policy.

Online Degrees

Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Master of Science Online Program

This professional program prepares students for further academic work, as well as careers with government agencies, international peacebuilding, relief and development organizations, private business, unions, community centers, education institutions, and settings in which conflict analysis and resolution skills are in demand. Students study theory, methods and ethical perspectives of the field and apply this knowledge in simulations, workshops, field practice and internships. Classes are offered in half- and full-semester formats using Mason's distance-learning platforms. A three-credit residency component is also required.

Dual Degrees

Master of Science, Dual Degree Malta Program

This dual degree program with S-CAR and the University of Malta’s Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC) offers a comprehensive study of a wide variety of conflict types and prepares students for research and intervention that can mitigate, resolve, and potentially prevent destructive social conflicts The program emphasizes the Mediterranean context as an area where these skills are particularly useful and provide students with global employment opportunities.

Master of Science, Dual Degree Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Social Work

This three-year dual degree program allows students to earn a Master of Social Work and a Masters in Conflict Analysis & Resolution simultaneously. S-CAR's strong emphasis on theory is an excellent supplement to the grounding in theory provided through the Social Work curriculum, while Social Work's strong practice orientation supplements the skill-building provided through S-CAR.

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