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CONF 694: Internship

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Repeatable within Term

Students are expected to mesh theory and practice through observation and experience. Includes comprehensive report analyzing experiences.  For 3 credits of internship students must complete 160 hours of work on site.  Students must receive permission of the Internship Coordinator prior to registering.

Under direction of internship coordinator, students spend at least 160 hours on project involving study, resolution of conflict for each 3-credit internship.

Schedule Type: INT

Hours of Lecture or Seminar per week: 1-6

Hours of Lab or Studio per week: 1-6

Grading: Graduate Special

Credits: 3


21 credits, including CONF 620.

4 Course Sections Scheduled for Fall 2017

2 Course Sections Scheduled for Fall 2018

2 Course Sections Scheduled for Spring 2018

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