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CONF 752: Political Economy of Civil War and Peacebuilding II

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The course will cover the latest research, theories, and case analysis on civil wars and peacebuilding, including topics such as: The social, economic, and political institutional origins of conflict; The roles of resources, institutions, and social formations in shaping dynamics of civil war and other related forms of contentious politics; War termination and comparative peace processes; Components and dynamics of peacebuilding and the relationships among peacebuilding, democratization, and state-building; Roles of third parties in promoting negotiations, peace implementation and sustainable peacebuilding and reconciliation.  Case studies of contemporary civil wars will be used to illustrate and test these conceptual frameworks. This course is the second in a year-long seminar. Students are required to have taken CONF 751 in the previous semester.

Schedule Type: LEC

Hours of Lecture or Seminar per week: 3

Hours of Lab or Studio per week: 0

When Offered: Fall

Credits: 4


CONF 751.

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