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Seeking Paths to Engage with the World

Our faculty are pioneers in the field of conflict analysis, and experts in conflict diagnosis. Your contributions give them the resources they need to share their expertise, expand their reach, and make a difference in the global community.

The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution is committed to increasing private support for our multi-disciplinary faculty's research and practice. That dedication enables us to create a dynamic learning community.

Our faculty members and their work include:

Marc Gopin

Dr. Gopin is the James H. Laue Professor and director of the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution (CRDC), an endowed chair made possible through the support of Catalyst for Peace. Libby Hoffman, founder and president, established this fund to better understand the religious dimensions of conflict and to mobilize the positive resources of religion in diplomacy and social transformation.

CRDC's work can be used as a model of new approaches to diplomacy and foreign policy. By combining grassroots and policy-making efforts, the center raises the profile of cutting-edge peacebuilding work in conflict zones. CRDC provides unique opportunities for S-CAR students, alumni, and faculty to interact with a specialized network of peacebuilders.

Study Abroad Class in Damascus

Marc Gopin, James H. Laue Professor of World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution, leads a discussion with students on a CRDC trip to Damascus, Syria in 2011.

Arthur Romano

Dr. Romano links academics with activism through his work as the Elise Boulding Scholar-Practitioner, thanks to the National Peace Academy.

His research focuses on adapting restorative justice practices in ways that respond to cultural differences. For example, public schools with highly diverse, under-served students often feel the most impact from punitive discipline policies. Dr. Romano is examining what role race plays in justice in these schools.

He is committed to the "co-production of knowledge," and is organizing a team of thought leaders and practitioners to develop a training and pedagogy lab for people of color on restorative justice.

Arthur Romano

Arthur Romano, assistant professor in the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, conducted a State Department-sponsored workshop on peacebuilding skills for professional hip-hop DJs from around the world.

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