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Center for Peacemaking Practice

CPP works to strengthen peacemaking by focusing on how it is accomplished, and on the people who make it happen.

Peacemaking can be transformative for those involved and those affected; we help people who choose to make it their life's work. Our efforts include:

  • Learning peacemaking skills as part of the education process. Participants gain experience through writing, presenting, researching, and teaching. The center, which supports a learning community centered on practice, is open to faculty, students, partners, fellows and alumni. The center is also working on a course of study. 
  • Incorporating knowledge from the field into theory development. Practical knowledge from peacemakers' experiences could lead to new theories, as well as influence existing ideas. The center want to share information and stories with the peacebuilding community through: creating a story corps of peacemakers; prompting a Ted Talks series; traditional media (TV, radio, newsletter); and academic works such as books, chapters, and journal articles.
  • Fostering connections between practitioners and learning communities. There is a substantial wealth of practical knowledge in the field that often exists in isolation; practitioners' experiences, contacts, and observations are unheard. The center wants to bring these peacebuilders together to find mutual support and to share their experiences with each other and with those studying conflict analysis and resolution.

Examples of some of the center's efforts include:

Faculty members involved with the center include:

Dr. Susan Allen, Director of CPP and Associate Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution

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