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Center for the Study of Narrative and Conflict Resolution

We are the stories we tell. The impact of our stories is felt in family life, in social settings, and in political systems, and can form the basis of conflict throughout all layers of society.

Untrue narratives about a community or a group can become widespread and accepted as fact, giving people preconceived notions when they learn someone is a member of a particular group.

CNCR provides a hub for research, conversations on practice, workshops, and consultations, using research to build tools for conflict intervention. We offer academic courses, workshops, and public research seminars, as well as consulting services for organizations and agencies.

CNCR's journal, Narrative and Conflict: Explorations in Theory and Practice, showcases research on the role narrative plays in conflict analysis and resolution.

The mission of CNCR is:

  • To advance the theory, practice, and research of narrative processes in conflict dynamics.
  • To anchor research on narrative processes in conflict dynamics within and across the faculty and students at S-CAR and at Mason.
  • To disseminate research findings on narrative approaches to conflict resolution.
  • To develop narrative research methodologies that contribute to conflict analysis and resolution.

Associated S-CAR faculty:

Dr. Sara Cobb, Director of CNCR and the Drucie French Cumbie Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution

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