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Karina Korostelina

Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Faculty Board Chair

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  • 703-993-1304 (office)
  • Arlington: Vernon Smith Hall, 5072
    3351 North Fairfax Drive, MS 4D3
    Arlington, VA 22201

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Karina V. Korostelina is a Professor at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She directs the Program on History, Memory, and Conflict and is co-director of the Program on Preventing Mass Atrocities. She is a leading expert on identity-based conflicts, peace culture, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding. Her recent interests include the study of resilience in the context of chronic conflict and structural violence, the processes of politicization of history, and the role of history education in conflict and post-conflict societies. Her approach to resilience is innovative as it places resilience in the heart of intergroup relations within the framework of social identity theory.
She has been a Fulbright New Century Scholar and fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center, the Eckert Institute, Central European University, and the Bellagio Center of the Rockefeller foundation. Her research was supported by 39 grants from such foundations as MacArthur, Luce, Spenser, Ebert, and Soros, the U.S. Institute of Peace, U.S. National Academy of Education, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of USDS, USAID, INTAS, IREX, and Council of Europe.

The results of her research appear in more than 90 articles and chapters. She is an author or editor of 15 books including authorship of Trump Effect (2016), International Insult: How Offence Contributes to Conflict (2014), Constructing Narrative of Identity and Power (2013), History Education in the Formation of Social Identity (2013), Why they die? (2012), and The Social Identity and Conflict (2007). 


DSc, Social Psychology, National Academy of Science Institute of Psychology (2003)

PhD, Psychology, Odessa State University (1994)

MA, Psychology, National Kiev University (1991)

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Faculty Rank: Professor

Selected Publications

Honors & Awards

Fellow, European Center for Reconciliation

May 17, 2016

Principle Investigator, Ebert Foundation

January 1, 2011

Professional Affiliations

Member of Global Advisory Board at Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies

International Peace Research Association
Co-director of project “Religion and education in Tajikistan: Toward tolerant civic society”

Religion and Education in Tajikista

Media Appearance

C-SPAN Book Discussion on "Political Insults: How Offenses Escalate Conflict"

December 17, 2014

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Presentations & Performances

Book Presentation - Constructing the Narratives of Identity and Power

Feb 4 2014 | Woodrow Wilson Center

Narratives of National Identity and Conceptual Models of Ukraine

Nov 4 2011 | George Mason University

Conceptual models of ukraine, narratives of national identity and crisis of legitimacy

Oct 21 2011 | Kiev, Ukraine

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