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Politics from Afar: Transnational Diasporas and Networks

by Terrence Lyons

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  • Published Date: May 29, 2012
  • Publisher: Columbia University Press


Modern diasporas may seem far-flung and incohesive, but in fact they have an outsized impact on the politics of their homeland. Through a global range of case studies, this groundbreaking volume explores transnational diaspora politics and its effect on development, democratization, conflict, and the changing nature of citizenship. Contributors speak from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and areas of expertise, revealing how diasporic politics have played an undeniable role in shaping the development governance of Mexico, popular unrest in Sri Lanka, and recent Ethiopian elections.

While many thought globalization would usher in a new era of cosmopolitanism, the essays in this volume prove ethnonationalism and patron-client relationships continue to thrive in transnational spaces. Homeland governments, opposition parties, and insurgent groups are all cognizant of the political capital residing in global diasporas, and they eagerly pursue the power of "co-nationals" to advance their strategies of development and broader geopolitical aims. Ambitious and timely, this anthology puts forth a comprehensive, theoretical, and empirical paradigm for mapping contemporary diaspora politics.

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