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PeaceTech: The Liminal Spaces of Digital Technology in Peacebuilding

by Pamina Firchow

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  • Pages: 39
  • Published Date: December 20, 2016


This collection of articles contributes to the growing body of research on how technology is affecting peacebuilding, peace and conflict studies, and research methodologies in the field. Assumptions about the use of technology for peace are interrogated, such as the purported deepening of inclusivity and widening of participation that technology provides to peacebuilders and communities. It frames the discussion from a peace-focused perspective, providing a response to the work done by others who have focused on the ways technology makes violence more likely. This supports a holistic discussion of the ways that technology can have an impact on contentious social and political processes. By expanding the base of knowledge about how technology can be used for peace and violence, we hope this collection increases the understanding of the circumstances under which technology amplifies peace.

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Charles Martin-Shields, Atalia Omer, Roger Mac Ginty

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