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Christian Parenting and the (Gay) Child

by James Price

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  • Published Date: June 1996
  • Publisher: Cowley Publications
  • ISBN: 9781561011223


For a long time nobody in any church made homosexuality the subject of responsible theological scrutiny. Instead, they made it the object of harsh dogmatic pronouncements: 'This is an abomination. Period. Case closed.'

In the Anglican tradition it's not enough to point to a handful of biblical quotations and scream, 'Look! God says!' Anglicans recognize that scripture is rife with verses that contradict one another and with culture-specific views (on slavery, for example) that are now generally deplored.

Our Selves, Our Souls and Bodies collects essays by some two dozen leading figures in the Episcopal Church and other Anglicans, many of them noted theologians. Their common question: How should the church view sexuality, particularly homosexuality? All the contributors end up in 'gay-friendly' places - but what makes the book fascinating is the varied paths they take to those destinations and the integrity with which they find their way there. -- The Advocate

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