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Enrolling in one of our programs will make you a member of S-CAR's community of scholars, professionals, and leaders. You'll gain access to a global network of alums, while studying with faculty who have connections both at home and abroad.

Building Skills to Create a Better World

George Mason University's School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) offers a vibrant and multidisciplinary community at one of the nation's fastest-growing, most diverse, and most innovative public universities. With an influential faculty, diverse student body, emphasis on active fieldwork and challenging program of doctoral study, S-CAR continues to produce key leaders in the conflict resolution field.

S-CAR was the first university in the world to offer graduate degrees in conflict resolution. Today, with more than 350 students and over 800 alumni, S-CAR is the world's leading institution for research, teaching and practice in the field. S-CAR produces top conflict resolution practitioners for a wide variety of deep-rooted conflicts in international and domestic spheres. S-CAR students, faculty and alumni can be found participating in conflict resolution in Europe, Western Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, as well as Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.

Our students represent the future of the conflict analysis and resolution and the diversity of the field.

The depth and range of conflicts facing the world today has significantly deepened the need for knowledgeable, well-trained experts who can work to resolve these problems. Amid the growing effort to provide comprehensive education to nurture the field of conflict resolution, S-CAR stands as a beacon.


S-CAR students enter the program with degrees from a wide range of fields, including: political science, international relations, psychology, education, communication, sociology, anthropology and environmental science. This breadth of expertise allows S-CAR students to incorporate theory and research from across the disciplines and create a robust understanding of conflict and its resolution.


Students join S-CAR for a variety of reasons: to gain the skills needed to change careers, to enrich current careers, or gain basic skills to launch a career. The variety in work experience among students is a valuable resource in transferring what is learned in the classroom into practical application.


S-CAR offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs designed to provide students with an understanding of the theory, research, and practice of conflict analysis and resolution.

Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

B.A., B.S., and Minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Graduate Certificates focused on Reconstruction and Stabilization, Community Development, Word Religions, Advanced Conflict Resolution Skills and Environmental Conflict Resolution.

Centers and Publications