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Point of View Programs and Services

Point of View is S-CAR’s academic hub and clinical lab site, bringing research and theory to the practice of conflict resolution and conflict resolution to the global community.

Point of view retreat

You can reserve Point of View International Retreat for your event.

Since the time it was first gifted to the S-CAR community by the Lynch family of Northern Virginia, POV has hosted domestic and international dialogues, conferences, and seminars, as well as classes and workshops to train the next generation of scholars and practitioners. With a vision to serve as a “civilian Camp David,” our faculty and students join peacemakers to help transform the lives of those in destructive cycles of conflict and violence.

Drawing on S-CAR’s long history of experience and expertise, POV now offers facilitation and training support to local, national, and global organizations and communities. Led by S-CAR professionals, we will work with you to tailor a program or process to meet the specific needs of your group, such as:

  • Inter- or intra-group facilitation to help work through differences and find a workable solution
  • Facilitation support for a specific event or activity, such as an organizational retreat to hone in on your objectives or strategy, or to build a healthy organizational culture
  • Classes, workshops, or trainings to strengthen conflict resolution and communication skills
  • Lectures or seminars on specific conflict analysis and resolution topics

POV’s tranquil and rural location offers a respite and ideal setting for reflective thinking and productive interactions, transformative conversations, dialogue, and reconciliation. Yet its proximity to the nation’s capital provides an opportunity to benefit from the region’s vast informational resources as well as to serve its civic and business associations, federal agencies, universities, and the international community.

Please contact us if you are interested in facilitation, training, or other programmatic support or partnership, or fill out our reservation form if you have a specific event or activity in mind.