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Since our earliest days, partners and donors have invested in our world-class faculty and students. Philanthropy helps us create the future for S-CAR. Together, we can advance our shared goals for a more peaceful and resilient global society.

Strengthening Relationships, Building Resiliency

Our global society depends on understanding the evolving nature of conflict and the ability to create solutions.

By working together, we can solve these critical problems and create a freer, safer, more just society.

Through a gift to the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, you, too, can make an impact on people's lives, by:

  • Funding scholarships and financial aid to students in need.
  • Providing up-to-date instructional equipment and facilities.
  • Supporting student travel to conferences.
  • Attracting and retaining top-level faculty.
  • Offering students opportunities outside the classroom.
S-CAR Students

Using conflict resolution to defuse situations, whether they're domestic, in the workplace, or on the battlefield, has a real impact on lives. Our graduates make a difference. Be a part of that change by investing in S-CAR.

In addition, S-CAR is seeking funding for programs and capital projects at our international research and retreat center, Point of View. Donors who partner with us can choose an endowment gift, which provides perpetual support, or current-use funding, which makes an impact now.

Contact Maria Seniw at 703-993-8763 to explore all our giving opportunities and plan gifts in ways that achieve our shared goals.

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