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S-CAR Inaugurates its Annual Dennis Sandole Memorial Research Conference at Point of View

May 31, 2018

Honoring their colleague and founding S-CAR faculty member Dennis Sandole, sixteen faculty members presented their current research to the academic community during a day-long conference at Point of View. Five faculty panels with PhD student discussants were held throughout the day on topics ranging from political conflicts and social justice to advancing conflict resolution practices. The event, organized by Karina Korostelna, was streamed live on Facebook and later published on YouTube.

Introductions and Panel 1: Political conflicts and social justice

Richard Rubenstein: Radical Lives: Leaders and Lessons of the Peace and Justice Movement, 1967-1975

Tehama Lopez Bunyasi: White Privilege Attitudes and the 2016 Election

Arthur Romano: The Truth Telling Project

Chair: Karina Korostelina

Discussants: Gbenga Dasylva and Molly Tepper

Panel 2: Public opinion & dominant discourses in conflict dynamics

Solon Simmons: Narrative Profiling: How to take the Other’s Suffering Seriously

Sara Cobb: Narrative Intersections of “Hate” and Gender

Mara Schoeny: Historic discourses in conflict

Chair: Tehama Lopez Bunyasi

Discussants: Elena Cirmizi and Lauren Kinney

Panel 3: Local actors: production of knowledge and agency

Karina Korostelina: Neighborhood resilience in the conditions of chronic urban violence: social identity approach

Daniel Agbiboa: Understanding the Interface between Community Vigilantism and State Counter-terrorism Operations in Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin

Pamina Firchow: Reclaiming Everyday Peace: Local Voices in the Politics of Measurement and Evaluation after War (Forthcoming in 2018, Cambridge University Press)

Chair: Daniel Rothbart

Discussants: Emily Sample and Chukwuma Onyia

Panel 4: Understanding social processes

Juliette Shedd and Brant Horio: Agent Based Models and Public Opinion Processes

Thomas Flores: Elections in War and Peace: Understanding the Impact of Civil Conflict on the Conduct of Elections

Douglas Irvin-Erickson: The Verdict on Sexual Violence and War Crimes Prosecutions in Cambodia and the ICC: Justice Denied and Reconciliation Subverted

Chair: Solon Simmons

Discussant: Umed Partov

Panel 5: Advancing conflict resolution practices

Daniel Rothbart and Susan Allen: Conflict Resolution as a Compassion-Practice

Marc Gopin: Modern Philosophical and Scientific Analysis of Compassion as a Foundation for Pro-Social Behavior: Experimentation with Application and Practice in War Zones

Patricia Maulden: Reconciliation as Praxis: Localized Actions and the Politics of Knowledge

Chair: Mara Schoeny

Discussants: Angelina Mendes and Margarita Tadevosyan


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