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Practical Approaches to Peacebuilding: Putting Theory to Work

by Pamina Firchow

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  • Pages: 180
  • Published Date: March 1, 2016
  • Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781626374584


What is sustainable peacebuilding? And what is the relationship between empirical realities and theoretical approaches to the subject? The authors of Practical Approaches to Peacebuilding present a series of case studies from around the world to explore how various peacebuilding theories engage and interact with lived experiences, and also to elaborate useful new theoretical perspectives.


  • Peacebuilding in Theory and Practice—P. Firchow and H. Anastasiou.
  • The Peace Triangle: Capturing Peace After Military Victory in Sri Lanka—K. Höglund, M. Söderberg Kovacs, and W. Thiyagaraja.
  • Development and Peacebuilding: Dam Construction and Violence in the Amazon—A. Freitas and F. Lethem.
  • Religion and Peacebuilding: Human Insecurity and the Colonial Legacy in Myanmar—G. Shani and S. Saeed.
  • Gender and Peacebuilding: "Boxed in by Culture" in the Pacific Islands?—N. George and C. Doerksen.
  • Refugees and Peacebuilding: "Poor Country" Problems in Cambodia and Bosnia-Herzegovina—S. Edington and C. Hughes.
  • Engaging the Liberal Peace Paradigm: The Case of Rotary International—P. Firchow.
  • Appendix: Rotary International's Contribution to Peace—H. Anastasiou.
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