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Method in Peacemaking

by James Price

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  • Published Date: December 10, 2011
  • Publisher: Praeger Security International


This chapter concerns peacemaking. It also concerns method. Its purpose is to advance the possibility of developing method in peacemaking. But as a beginning, it is important to specify the meanings of these two terms and to pin down the performances they signify.

Peacemaking, of course, is the unifying theme of this volume. In my view, the editors have rendered a valuable service to the field by asking their authors to focus their reflections on the emergence of groups out of conflict, and in doing so to distinguish clearly between peacemaking and peacebuilding. As Susan Allen Nan explained the distinction to me, “Peacebuilding emphasizes structures and institutions. Peacemaking emphasizes the human dimension, creativity, openness, trust, and welcoming otherness.”

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